Van Ingen – Huge Tiger head on shield – (Panthera tigris)

tiger head

Van Ingen – Huge Tiger head on shield – (Panthera tigris)

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A fantastic example of a Van Ingen tiger head in original condition.
The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognisable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside. Bengal tigers are the national animal of both India and Bangladesh.

Van Ingen & Van Ingen (1900–1999) were Indian taxidermists located in Mysore, South India, best known for their big cat taxidermy trophy mounts. The firm was established by Eugene Van Ingen in the 1890s. His sons later ran the business until it closed in 1999.

This famous taxidermy company served the highest in international nobility as well as the Maharajas of India, preserving their hunting trophies in the most lifelike poses and in the utmost beauty, with attention to detail like no other in their time of operation.


A huge tiger head mounted on a solid wood shield coated in a black varnish

Bears a Van Ingen stamp to the rear of the shield.


Tigers and all subspecies are protected under CITES Appendix 1 Annex A.
This piece is a “worked” item, produced before 1947 and therefore does not require a license to be sold within the UK.


  • Width: 78cm
  • Height: 88cm
  • Depth: 49cm
Weight 53165949 kg
Dimensions 531659549 x 531659459 cm


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tiger head

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