Walrus Tusks on Wood Shield – (Odobenus rosmarus)



Walrus Tusks on Wood Shield – (Odobenus rosmarus)


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A set of vintage walrus tusks on a modern solid wood shield.

The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a large Arctic marine mammal with flippers, a broad head, short muzzle, small eyes, tusks and whiskers.

Walruses are cinnamon brown in color. They are able to turn their hind flippers forward to aid in movement on land. Their front flippers are large and each has five digits. Males have special air sacs that are used to make a bell-like sound.

Both males and females have large tusks that are used for defense, cutting through ice and getting out of the water. The tusks can be more than three feet long in males and about two and a half feet long in females.


In very good antique condition.

Bears the label of Edward Gerrard. The label is torn.


  • Width: 24.5cm
  • Height: 70cm
  • Depth: 15.5cm
  • Tusk Length: 43.5cm
Weight field_5316594eca9eb kg
Dimensions field_53165954ca9ec x field_53165945ca9ea cm


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