Male Lion Full Mount (Panthera leo)


taxidermy lion

Male Lion Full Mount (Panthera leo)


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A stunning full mount taxidermy lion standing on a classic black wood pedestal.

The Lion is one of the Largest Big Cats in Africa.

Lions have strong, compact bodies and powerful forelegs, teeth, and jaws for pulling down and killing prey. Their coats are yellow-gold. Adult males have shaggy manes that range in color from blond to reddish-brown to black and also vary in length


A very realistic mount in very good condition.


Lions are protected under CITES Appendix II Annex B.
This piece is a “worked” item, produced before 1947 and therefore does not require a license to be sold within the UK.


  • Max Width: 200cm
  • Max Height: 165cm
  • Max Length: 75cm
Weight field_5316594eca9eb kg
Dimensions field_53165954ca9ec x field_53165945ca9ea cm


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taxidermy lion

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