Van Ingen Chinkara Head – (Gazella bennettii)


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Van Ingen Chinkara Head – (Gazella bennettii)


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An antique taxidermy chinkara head mount on a solid wood shield by the famous taxidermist Van Ingen & Van Ingen.

The Chinkara (Gazella bennettii) is type of gazelle native to various regions of southern Asia including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and, predominantly, India.

The Chinkara has a smooth, reddish coat in the summer, and in the colder months the otherwise only slightly paler detail in the gazelle’s stomach and neck becomes several shades lighter, almost white. As with most animals under the threat of attack from more powerful predators, their coat has the primary function of aiding them to blend in with their grassland environment.

Van Ingen & Van Ingen (1900–1999) were Indian taxidermists located in Mysore, South India, best known for their big cat taxidermy trophy mounts. The firm was established by Eugene Van Ingen in the 1890s. His sons later ran the business until it closed in 1999.

Van Ingen & Van Ingen served the highest in international nobility as well as the Maharajas of India, preserving their hunting trophies in the most lifelike poses and in the utmost beauty, with attention to detail like no other in their time of operation.


In very good antique condition.

Bears the label of Van Ingen & Van Ingen


  • Width: 60cm
  • Height: 24cm
  • Depth: 29cm
Weight field_5316594eca9eb kg
Dimensions field_53165954ca9ec x field_53165945ca9ea cm


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