c.1900s Rowland Ward Lion Skin Rug – (Panthera leo)


lion skin

c.1900s Rowland Ward Lion Skin Rug – (Panthera leo)


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An early 1900s Rowland Ward Lion Skin Rug. The Lion is one of the Largest Big Cats in Africa.

Males have large brown manes which indicate healthiness and testosterone production.

James Rowland Ward (1848–1912) was a world famous British taxidermist and founder of the firm Rowland Ward Limited of Piccadilly, London. The company specialised in and was renowned for its taxidermy work on birds and big-game trophies.


Overall good antique condition with the fur still remaining bright and vibrant in colour.


Lions are protected under CITES Appendix II Annex B.
This piece is a “worked” item, produced before 1947 and therefore does not require a license to be sold within the UK.


  • Max Width: 285cm
  • Max Length: 220cm
Weight 53165949 kg
Dimensions 531659549 x 531659459 cm


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lion skin

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