Ostrich Head – (Struthio camelus)



Ostrich Head – (Struthio camelus)


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A modern taxidermy ostrich head mounted on an oak shield.

Ostriches have long legs and a long neck, but they have a small head. Male ostriches have black feathers and female ostriches have grey and brown feathers. Both males and females have white feathers on their wings and tails. Ostriches can be 6 – 9 feet tall and can run with a speed of about 40 miles per hour.

They now only live in Africa and live in open grassland called savannas in the Sahel, in parts of East Africa and south-west Africa. Some ostriches live in areas of the Sahara desert.


In perfect condition. A modern mount.



Ostriches are not covered under CITES laws.


  • Width: 20cm
  • Height: 49cm
  • Depth: 42cm
Weight 53165949 kg
Dimensions 531659549 x 531659459 cm


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