Lar Gibbon under Glass Dome (Hylobates lar) with CITES


Lar Gibbon under Glass Dome (Hylobates lar) with CITES


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Gibbons are apes that occur in tropical and subtropical rainforests from eastern Bangladesh and northeast India to southern China and Indonesia.

Depending on species and sex, gibbons’ fur coloration varies from dark to light brown shades, and any shade between black and white, though a completely “white” gibbon is rare.


Overall good antique condition, the colours have remained very vibrant.
Remounted under a victorian glass dome.


  • Max Width: 39cm
  • Max Height: 80cm
  • Max Depth: 39cm


Gibbons are protected by law. This piece will be sold with CITES paperwork

Weight field_5316594eca9eb kg
Dimensions field_53165954ca9ec x field_53165945ca9ea cm


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